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Let us start your business journey.

Business Plans

Create a business plan tailored to your specific business needs.

Grant Access

Intelex Group has access to various grants for business development.

Market Analysis

Intelex Group conducts comprehensive market analysis for your business.

Branding & Online Presence

Establish a complete online presence for your business.

Industries we serve

With our expertise spanning across diverse industries, we have successfully provided comprehensive knowledge and guided businesses through the entire process.



Real Estate

Consumer Products



Market Analysis


About us

Intelex Group is a leading company specializing in empowering businesses to succeed through various essential services. Our primary focus lies in financial model creation and business plan writing, where we meticulously craft strategic roadmaps tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. We understand that a solid financial foundation and a well-defined business plan are crucial elements for long-term success, and our team of experts excels in delivering comprehensive solutions.

In addition to financial modeling and business plan writing, we have established ourselves as experts in the field of grants. We possess extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the complex world of grants, helping businesses access the funding they need to thrive. Our dedicated professionals understand the intricacies of grant applications and have a proven track record of successfully securing grants for clients across various industries.

At Intelex Group, we recognize that taking the right approach and direction is vital for any business endeavor. Whether you are starting a brand-new company or seeking to improve an existing one, we are here to provide guidance every step of the way. Our team becomes your trusted partner, working closely with you to understand your vision, identify opportunities, and implement effective strategies. We are committed to ensuring that your business reaches its full potential by leveraging our expertise and industry insights.

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